What’s going on with the coffin store?

No, the coffin store is not dead.

You may have noticed that the coffin store on Smith and Curtice is empty. I just spoke with owner Mike Zoff, and there’s good news, bad news, and possibly more good news.

The good news is that Mike’s business, Affordable Coffins and Artery, is successful and continues to grow. The storefront was too small, and he wants to find a place big enough to house both his workshop and retail space.

The bad news is that he may need to leave the neighborhood. He’s concerned about noise from the workshop disturbing residents, so that doesn’t leave a lot of options. He’s talking with the owner of the old O’Reilly Auto Parts near Smith & Dodd (next to the liquor store), but they haven’t talked about lease terms yet.

And finally, the possibly good news is that Mike’s former landlord told him a new business is moving into the space, so it won’t be vacant for long. [UPDATE: The new tenant will be the St. Paul Classic Cookie Company. Yum!]

Mike had great things to say about the neighborhood and wants to thank everyone for their support in helping him get his business off the ground. Hopefully this isn’t goodbye yet…

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