Smith Avenue photo contest

This is a neat picture but it's kind of old. (Photo by Nick Busse/Creative Commons)

This is a neat picture but it’s kind of old. (Photo by Nick Busse/Creative Commons)

We have a very photogenic neighborhood. Parts of it are lovely in the conventional sense, others have a certain grit that keeps things interesting.

And yet, there aren’t that many photos of the neighborhood out there.

The header photo on this blog, for instance, is actually a Google Streetview image that’s been fancied up in Photoshop. We had a picture of the High Bridge before but that doesn’t really capture the spirit of the place.

So here’s where you come in. Get out your cell phone, point-and-shoot camera, or that digital SLR that’s been sitting in the closet since Christmas and help us document the neighborhood. We’ll put all the entries together and vote on a winner.

Our generous friends at Amore Coffee have offered up a $10 gift card to this month’s winner. There’s a free lunch right there.

Why? Because it’s fun! Also, free coffee!

Send your submissions to before the end of the month. Any format/size is fine. If you’re ambitious, videos are great, too!

UPDATE: The Deadline is Sunday, June 30. And to be clear, your photo doesn’t have to be ON Smith Avenue. Just somewhere in the neighborhood, however you define it.