Art on the Avenue moving forward

Our last meeting of the minds, back in March.

Our last meeting of the minds, back in March.

Art on the Avenue, scheduled for the first weekend in August, will be a neighborhood-wide party featuring art exhibits, live music and other events. A group of dedicated volunteers has been hitting the streets to get businesses, neighbors, and artists throughout the community on board.

Your next opportunity to offer input and contribute will be tomorrow night (Wednesday, June 26) at 6 p.m. at High Bridge Tattoo, 608 Smith Ave. Tom Alvorado, the owner of the tattoo shop, has put an extraordinary amount of heart and soul of the effort, and if nothing else you should stop by to say hello. Refreshments will be provided.

Also, financial contributions of any amount will be welcome. We’ve raised more than $700 so far, and quite frankly, the more we raise, the better the event will be. For years, I’ve heard people talk about how they wish there was more excitement on the avenue. Now is your chance to make it happen.

If you can’t make it to the event, you can make a contribution the West Side Community Organization. If you’re interested in volunteering or contributing in another way, email us at stubbornlylocal (at) gmail (dot) com.