Next steps for Art on the Avenue

You know what this scene needs? More people!

You know what this scene needs? More people!

It’s been a whole month now since Art on the Avenue, but schedules and end-of-summer vacations have conspired to keep us from meeting to talk about how it went.

But now a date has been set! Come join us Tuesday, September 10 from 6-8 p.m. at the Cherokee Tavern for a celebration and informal postmortem on the event. Business owners, neighbors, artists — anyone with thoughts or ideas to share — are encouraged to attend.

We’re hoping to make this an annual event, and we’re still discussing how exactly that will take shape. The West Side Community Organization did a lot of the heavy lifting this year, which may not be something we can sustain on an ongoing basis (particularly if we want to keep the event focused on Smith Avenue).

Which also means we’ll be looking for committed volunteers who can help with next year’s event. No contribution is too large or too small — whether you’re an expert fundraiser or just want to help hand out flyers, every little bit makes a difference.

Thanks to everyone for supporting your neighborhood, and we hope to see you next week!