Mohawk Theater still up for grabs

The Mohawk Theater on Smith Avenue failed to sell at a Ramsey County property auction this morning. Despite a standing-room-only crowd, no one bid at the $340,000 starting price for the property.

This means that the theater will remain for sale through Ramsey County, starting Tuesday morning, at $340,000.

As I understand it, the price remains firm unless the county decides to re-offer it at a future auction, at which point they’ll re-assess its market value.

But for now, the “for sale” signs will stay up, as the future of the historic building remains unclear.


One thought on “Mohawk Theater still up for grabs

  1. I tried to get a peak in the theater which also was Cherokee Theater when real estate agent was there last summer but no go. I would like to get behind the effort to restore the theater. I wrote to the urban renewal director supporting movies at the Palace. Since I am Hennepin County I think it was dismissed.

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