Update on the Mohawk Theater (is it for sale or isn’t it?)


If you’ve been by the Mohawk Theater lately, you’ve probably noticed some signs of activity. The “for sale” signs have come down, the doors have been painted red, and there’s a dumpster bag full of construction debris in the alley.

I hate burying the lede, so before you get your hopes up: The theater is up for sale again. maybe up for sale or maybe it isn’t. Not for sale anymore.

If you’re just catching up, the theater was seized by Ramsey County for back taxes back in 2013. The property failed to sell at auction last spring for $340,000, and again failed to sell at a September auction for $225,200.

However, according to a source at the county, the building was purchased by an entity called Beeldaaje First Properties LLC a week after the auction (tax-forfeit properties that don’t sell at auction remain available at the low-bid price, so we’re assuming it was purchased for $225,200).

Beeldaaje First is owned by a guy in Eagan, I was able to track down an email address and have attempted to contact him, but haven’t heard anything back yet. The clerk at Ramsey County is pretty sure he’s planning to resell (a very safe guess considering there’s an active real estate listing). but now he appears to have changed his mind.

So, Smith Avenue’s most prominent architectural landmark can be yours for $299,900. The listing has some additional photos of the interior if you’ve ever been curious about what it looks like on the inside.

UPDATE #1: Some conflicting reports now as to whether or not the building is actually for sale. I’ve got a call into the realtor, will update soon.

UPDATE #2: A neighboring business owner says the new theater owner’s plan to sell or rent the building has run into code and permitting snags. At this point, to the best of anyone’s knowledge, the new owner doesn’t want to sell because he’s has now invested a lot of money bringing the building up to code. He instead wants to develop some sort of community center and/or rental hall. Still waiting to hear back.

UPDATE #3: The listing agent has confirmed that the property is no longer for sale. A couple of interested buyers had previously contacted the city about a liquor license but there are no more available in Ward 2, so that essentially eliminates any restaurant/bar-type usages unless someone else gives up their license or the city changes the charter.

Also, while the back taxes on the property were forgiven as part of the foreclosure sale, the owner must start paying current taxes (around $7,000/year) in May.